April 4, 2024

InfraSight and SCS Announce Strategic Collaboration Targeting Digital Supply Chain Optimization Powered By OpenTelemetry

Mooresville, NC and Jackson, Mississippi – InfraSight Software Corporation, a software solutions builder focused on critical cloud financial and digital supply chain risks, together with Software Consulting Services, LLC (“SCS”), a leader in comprehensive bespoke IT solutions, proudly announce a new Strategic Collaboration and Service Delivery Partnership. The alliance signifies a leap forward for SCS into next-gen observability and cloud financial solutions, while accelerating InfraSight’s growth as a digital supply chain intelligence provider.

Leveraging OpenTelemetry

At the heart of the partnership is OpenTelemetry (“OTel”), the emerging open-source standard revolutionizing the collection, management, and export of telemetry data. OTel empowers businesses to seamlessly gather and route their observability data – including metrics, logs, and traces – in a standardized, vendor-neutral format, thus eliminating the complexity and dependencies of running multiple vendor agents on your infrastructure. Furthermore, OTel’s compatibility with leading observability and cybersecurity platforms, such as Datadog, Splunk, Crowdstrike, and Dynatrace, ensures seamless integration into existing IT ecosystems.

Observability Transformation With OTel

SCS is evolving its service portfolio with the introduction of an ‘Observability Transformation’ practice. Their innovative approach simplifies legacy observability deployments by replacing complex and maintenance-intensive monitoring solutions with a single OTel agent. Once OTel is deployed, SCS is able to optimize data ingestion and log volumes while routing telemetry to preferred dashboard destinations, thereby reducing observability overhead cost. The transformation results in enhanced operational agility and empowers procurement teams with increased leverage during vendor negotiations, creating opportunities for more favorable contract terms and cost savings.  

SCS: New InfraSight Service Delivery Partner

InfraSight’s flagship Cloud Intelligence Platform, InfraView, revolutionizes C-Suite decision-making by merging OTel metrics with cloud billing data, delivering financial operational clarity into IT workloads. Central to InfraView’s analytics is its innovative Workload Compute Unit (WCU) which uniquely translates compute infrastructure, consumption, and costs into a uniform IT business language. InfraView provides the C-Suite with clear and timely actionable insights for navigating compute market volatility and risks.

Concurrent with the launch of the alliance, InfraSight and SCS have kicked off a strategic deployment of OTel aimed at integrating InfraView’s capabilities into SCS’s service portfolio. Immediate initiatives include extending InfraView’s support for existing SCS client deployments and developing new, synergistic go-to-market strategies. The collaboration also includes specialized training and certification for SCS staff, to ensure the highest standards of client deployment, management, and support.

A Strategic Vision for the Future

The companies also committed to a longer-term co-product collaboration aimed at transforming how manufacturing companies optimize operational efficiency and reduce profitability risk. The companies will explore the integration of SCS’s CoreView software with InfraView. CoreView harnesses a broad spectrum of Industrial Internet of Things (“IIoT”) telemetry to enhance plant operator decision-making, mitigating operational interruptions, and elevating product quality standards. The companies envision transforming these client-specific IIoT datasets and extending insights to the C-Suite via InfraView through SCS’s integration services.

Executive Commentary

“We are excited to partner with SCS to accelerate adoption of OpenTelemetry and our InfraView platform. This collaboration further enhances our mission of providing C-Suite executives with the financial operational clarity needed to navigate the challenges and volatility of today’s operating environment,” said InfraSight Co-Founder and CEO, Tim Martin.

“At SCS, we’re investing in OpenTelemetry to ensure our solutions are leading the way for client innovation and competitive advantage. Our partnership with InfraSight and the strategic integration of the InfraView platform into our service portfolio offers significant benefits to our clients and underscores our commitment in delivering world-class solutions that are essential to their success in today’s digital landscape,” said SCS Founder and CEO, Coy Gauthier.

For more information about this strategic collaboration and how it can benefit your business, please visit www.infrasightsoftware.com or www.bethegeek.com, or to learn more about OTel, visit www.opentelemetry.io.

About InfraSight Software Corporation

InfraSight’s mission is to solve critical financial and digital supply chain risks today, for the enterprise computing requirements of tomorrow. Founded on the principle that compute is a strategic yet finite asset, InfraSight is uniquely focused on building C-Suite solutions for navigating compute market uncertainty and enterprise risk. Our flagship product, InfraView, empowers the C-Suite with clarity and actionable insights, helping to drive increased IT investment yield, enhance budget flexibility, improve controls, and hedge against and capitalize on compute market volatility.

To learn more about how to generate alpha and drive competitive advantage, visit: www.infrasightsoftware.com or contact: Roger Strukhoff, Roger@infrasightsoftware.com

About Software Consulting Services, LLC

Software Consulting Services (SCS), founded in 2003 in Mississippi, was established with a commitment to redefine the IT landscape by ensuring that technology strategies are transparent, scrutinized, and fully aligned with business objectives. As a leading Information Technology company, SCS stands out for its comprehensive services and a partnership-driven approach, underpinned by values of trust, transparency, and mutual respect.

SCS boasts a wealth of expertise across sectors such as legal, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, identity management, and retail, demonstrating a deep understanding of the unique challenges each industry faces. This enables SCS to deliver customized, innovative IT solutions that not only address current needs but also position its partners for future success.

The company's years of investment in expert resources and strategic vendor relationships empower it to offer world-class products and services. This ensures that partners benefit from predictable performance, optimized infrastructure, and solutions tailored to their specific needs. SCS is dedicated to providing future-ready solutions, preparing partners to navigate evolving opportunities and challenges with ease.

For more information, visit www.bethegeek.com or contact: David Short, DShort@bethegeek.com


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