C-Suite Intelligence For
Cloud Business Strategy
And Compute Investments

InfraView features a proprietary benchmark (WCU) that measures compute capacity and workload costs with business-level context, providing a universal language for the C-Suite to assess key events, streamline stakeholder communications, and ensure operational effectiveness and resiliency.

Hedge and leverage risks

Drive increased yield from technology investments

Enhance budget flexibility to drive innovation

Improve controls over spending and efficiency

Key Features

Manage Compute Infrastructure Like A Strategic Asset

Business Impact

Assess the impacts of key business events and accurately evaluate ROI to make informed future investment decisions with a clear understanding of potential risks and benefits.

Workload Cost Analysis

Track workload costs to ensure team and vendor accountability, articulate ROI from various configurations and IT strategies, and maintain stakeholder understanding and alignment.

Global Audit

Achieve cost transparency and gain confidence and assurances by identifying and eliminating wasteful spending, ensuring that every expenditure is necessary and optimally utilized.

Capacity Analysis

Utilize our WCU measurement to comprehend workload demand and capacity. Drive increased yield, anticipate constraints, and enhance planning for growth, scalability, and business continuity.

Trend Analysis

Leverage signals and trends to proactively respond to directional patterns across workloads, capacity, unit-costs, risk profiles, uptime, and operational performance.

Historical Reference

Compare past performance and costs to rationalize your current operational state and inform planning, forecasts, and forensic discovery.

Use Cases

Drive Operational Excellence and Competitive Edge

M&A Technology Value Realization

Have a clear understanding of compute capacity and workloads to optimize technology valuation, accelerate integration time, and realize synergies.

Resilient Operations

Know your workload and capacity needs in planning for and recovering from disasters, ensuring minimal downtime, regulatory compliance, and/or limiting operational disruption.

Procurement Efficiency

Ensure that contracts and services closely align with actual requirements and don't lead to overspending or insufficient service levels.

Infrasight Company
Strategic Planning
Risk Management
Cost Optimization
Vendor and Contract Management
Business Continuity
Mergers and Acquisitions

Tactical Infrastructure Foresight

Inform long-term business strategies and IT investments, ensuring that compute infrastructure will support business growth and adaptation.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Understand limitations and capabilities of current infrastructure, such as capacity shortages or over-reliance on certain platforms, and proactively mitigate or hedge business risk.

Efficient Budget Management

Identify cost inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization, leading to more accurate budgeting and reduced wasteful spending.

Use Cases

Drive Operational Excellence and Competitive Edge

Mergers and Acquistions
Strategic Planning
Risk Management
Cost Optimization
Vendor and Contract Management
Business Continuity

Using InfraSight's data-driven approach to continuously manage cloud risk, cost, and reward has become a necessity to effectively navigate today's increasingly volatile business environment.

Werner Lippuner Headshot

Werner Lippuner

Founder/Owner, Uphill Access Advisors

What's unique about InfraSight is their ability to deliver total cost of ownership (TCO) at the workload level.

Eric Sanders Headshot

Eric Sanders

CEO, eCloud Managed Solutions

InfraSight's unique vendor- and technology-agnostic approach delivers relevant information in an easy-to-understand format and is a must for any organization looking to manage their costs and mitigate risks in the next normal.

Gary Lynch Headshot

Gary Lynch

Author and CEO, The Risk Project

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